The Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (USD (R&E)) serves as the primary advisor to the Department of Defense (DOD), providing leadership on all matters pertaining to DOD R&E, technology development and transition, developmental prototyping, experimentation, and administration of testing ranges and activities. USD (R&E) has lead responsibility within DOD for synchronizing science and technology efforts across the department, the Joint Staff and the services.

Additionally, Ms. Shyu serves as DOD’s chief technology officer (CTO), tasked with the mission of ensuring continuous advancement of technology and innovation throughout DOD. As CTO, she advises the Secretary of Defense on all matters related to research; engineering; manufacturing; developmental test and evaluation; and technology development, innovation, and protection activities and programs within DOD and internationally.

Ms. Shyu establishes priorities across these matters to ensure conformance with Office of the Secretary of Defense’s policies and guidance. Furthermore, she has oversight lead for critical capabilities managed by defense agencies and field activities, including the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Missile Defense Agency (MDA), Defense Innovation Unit (DIU), and Space Development Agency (SDA) as well as the Defense Science and Innovation Board offices.